Art, Embroidery & Fashion: An insight to a Designers Creative Process

I have always loved looking into the creative process and spaces of artists, designers and makers. I find these magical spaces and an insight to the sparks and birth of creativity. Creativity has always captured me like nothing else, where do ideas come from, what inspires us and most of all how does being creative make us happier. It is all i think within everyone, expressed in different ways, depending on who we are and what we wish to bring to the world.

My creative process has mostly been hands on, i get inspired by colour, textures and pattern. These have always shown the direction to my designs of accessories and footwear and have played a huge influence to my style of work. It seemed that colour and texture always came before the actual design, the materials inspired the product and made it special.

I want to show you a little of my creative process and get a glimpse of how i develop ideas into designs, sometimes being a flow of little steps joined together, other times a straightforward idea that jumps into my head and asks for realisation.

Comment below your own process of Creativity, how to you start and what steps do you take?

My Studio Workshop

creative studio inspiration boardcreative fashion studio workshop

Textile Designs and Footwear Design Ideas

inspiration board textile designer

Studio Inspiration Board and Design Developmentshoe design creative sketchingsandal flower design pattern

Cactus Flower Design Idea for a Sandal

hand painted and embroidered art

Free Flow painting and Embroidery Design

print design sketchbookprint textile design colourful sketchbook

Print Designs and Development on Fabric

machine embroidery design and print

Hand Painted and Machine Embroidered Pattern

hand painted and embroidered clutchhand painted and embroidered colourful clutches

Fabric Designs used in Clutchestextile artist embroidery designtextile designer embroidery art

Another Hand Painted and Machine Embroidered Piece

textile designer machine embroidery and paintinghand painted textile art with watercolour effect

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