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Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

Eight awesome ideas: embroidered, painted and embellished jeans

Eight awesome ideas to customise your-denim jeans

Because who doesn’t have a favourite pair of Jeans waiting to be glammed up?

I am one of those people that don’t find a pair of jeans they love that easily and that is way i decided to create my own embroidered jeans. In the summer i tend to wear dresses and skirts, so really the only time for me to wear Jeans is in the Autumn and Spring

Now i know you might be thinking: if it’s my favourite pair shall i risk it? Well maybe you have an old pair you haven’t worn in a while that you can practise on.. or you might be nothing like me and have a wardrobe full of your lifetime in denim! (denim hoarder alert! ). No excuses though, if you are hesitating, drop to your closest second hand shop and get a worn pair to practise..1990s is back so grab a high wasted mums jeans.

I have had a few of you requesting how to hand embroider on Denim, and i think this round up i a great way to get  a little inspiration to start with..because you are probably just like me, you like to make or customise your own clothing, but sometimes you just don’t know how and where to look for inspiration.

If you would like to try my own version of embroidered jeans head HERE! If you have more ideas about what you would like to learn to stitch, drop it below in the comments. So without further due, see below a little round up from the web, of Ideas to Inspire a beautifully unique pair of customised Jeans!


Denim flowers embroidery
Embroidered jeans with small flowers

Another way for beautiful embroidered jeans is with Flower Hand Embroidery:it is very versatile and if you are a romantic at heart and love some floral on your Jeans you can make this a small project or something big. You can add little flowers with their stems on the hem or big buds cluttered together, the options are really endless! In my Fashion Embroidery Online workshop you can learn how to customize your clothes and denim!


Denim stitched with colour on side seams

This is a cute, fast and easy way to customise your denim. No fuss, get some thread and add a bit of colour to the pocket or the side seam, ready steady GO! You have some fun embroidered short jeans for the summer.


Denim jacket with embroidered lettering

Lettering has become very popular this year and you can see it both in fashion, home decor and papergoods. These two ideas are super fun and make a modern style on your Jacket or Jeans.

Image from HonestlyWTF


Denim shorts with applique flowers

Aplique can be a quick and fun way to add some colour and texture to your Jeans. Here SewOverIt has used a gorgeous flower print and some beads to customise this pair of shorts, you can do this on your long jeans on any area you like.



decorative mending embroidery on jeans
mending with embroidery jean pockets

Sashiko is a beautiful technique from Japan, using a running stitch with a single colour of yarn throughout the design, most of the time white on blue. For those of you that like this minimal look you can use this stitch to mend your jeans and add some patterns. The second image is actually machine stitch, so not sashiko but it’s also a great way to quickly mend and customise your favourite pair.


Painting on jeans
cactus painting on jeans

You all know painting is my favourite way to create a background before embroidery and that i like mixing the two techniques. Here you can see the idea of creating different designs by painting on your Jeans.. i would go even further and stitch some detail on top! Make sure you use fabric paint and you iron them to fix it before embroidering and washing. If you like the idea of painting and embroidery i teach how to combine these two techniques in my online Modern Embroidery Workshop.

Denim with daisies painted on pockets

Learn how to paint beautiful daisies on your jeans in this quick tutorial. Head over to the Blog to watch the Video.


beaded colourful jeans

Are you a beader? Beading can be a little labor intensive when you add a bead at a time, the glam and shine you get with them it’s totally worth it though! This pair from Anthropologie is trully gorgeous and an inspiration. You start at the bottom with lots of beads together on the hem and slowly you scatter them. Might be a great weekend diy i think!


cats stiched on denim jeanss

This last idea i found online it’s for you girls that like a bit of cuteness in your life:) Those cats on this pair HERE are just adorable and can be re-created quite easily i think! You could use only a stitch or two and even paint in some of the design.

Happy making! Let me know what you like most!

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  1. Great article .. inspired me to embroider a fingerprint on my jeans to hold a patch on instead of traditional Boro stitching.. liked the end result so much I put 3 more fingerprints on my jeans .. I’d post photos but I don’t have a website

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