embroidered-denim-diy FINISHED
Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

Embroidered denim diy

How to embroider Flowers on your Favourite Jeans

As i promised last week i got to prepare a little DIY for you, just in time for the weekend and for you to get creative with hand embroidery. I have been stitching more and more on clothes recently and i love the idea of customising something with a pretty embroidery and making it unique! You know no one else out there will be wearing the same Jeans as yours, how great is that right?

My aim was to design and make something easy, anyone that hasn’t had a go at embroidery can try and complete this DIY with no problem! It’s a pretty design though and am loving the result…you see gorgeous results don’t need to be complicated. 

All you need to get started:


embroidered-denim-diy FINISHED


    1. If your Jeans are new make sure to wash them before you start, as some clothes shrink the first time they are washed.
    2. Fold the hem and if you like the raw frayed edge you can trim the stitched hem off.(Mine where too long so worked perfectly)
    3. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing directly on Denim you can draw on the water soluble stabiliser, then attach it to your jeans. When you are done it can be washed away.
    4. If you are drawing free hand make sure to use the water erasable pen!


To stitch your design:

    1. For this design you can use the full 6 strands of the embroidery floss – no need to separate them.
    2. Thread your needle and make a knot at one end of the yarn.
    3. You will start in the middle of the flower petal and use 3 stitches to complete each petal. 
embroidered-denim-diy Draw flowers
embroidered-denim-diy stitch petal
embroidered-denim-diy finish first petal
embroidered-denim-diy finish petal with 3 more stitches

4. Each stitch starts at the same point then ends at the top close to the previous stitch creating a triangle.

5. Note: Here i have used two extra stitches to show you how to make  the petal look fuller – you don’t have to, but can if you prefer how it looks!

6. Complete all four petals and move to the next flower above.

embroidered-denim-diy finish first petal
embroidered-denim-diy add second color of flower
  1. Finish off the yellow part by making a knot at the back. All you need to do is go through a previous stitch and through the loop you created to secure your stitching.
  2. Move on to the second colour you have chosen and repeat the same steps creating alternate colour pattern every two flowers.
embroidered-denim-diy Finish adding flowers all around the hem
embroidered-denim-diy one side finished
  1. Repeat the steps above for the other Hem of your Jeans keeping the design and colours the same. Work your way to the back of the Jeans (both sides of hem) to create a complete look!


TIP: Make sure you stitch through one layer of your Jeans otherwise it will be too thick to work with. Check the back regularly to make sure there are no threads tangled.

Starting and Finishing

*Always cut an arms length of floss to work with. When you run out of thread make sure you have about 8cm left to be able to make a knot at the back.


embroidered-denim-diy FINISHED

So let me know what you think, are you going to make this DIY? And is it as easy as i promised?

Comment below.


Thalia xx

Photos: Thalia Botsari for Ginger Muse


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