Creative Diaries: Modern Hand Embroidery Kit - Creating a Sewing Accessories Pouch!

One of the hardest things of running my own Fashion & Embroidery Creative Business is having to prioritise new ideas and projects. Unfortunately i cannot spend all my time designing and making as time is limited, so many projects sit on my list until it's the right time for them...

I have been wanting to share more with you of my creative process and development of current embroidery/textile projects and ideas as they unfold. Social media is great when it comes to show little snippets of things while they happen, but i like to use this Blog to show more in-detail pictures and explain the process of developing these ideas.

One of my new Design Projects has been to develop some print & hand embroidery patterns, which i hand paint, then add detail with hand embroidery. These print designs will then be used on accessories or on repeat on clothing (new or up-cycled!). I have started three designs to be part of this collection: an autumn leaf pattern, a flower pattern and an evil eye pattern, all with the same feel. These can be then taken by anyone to hand paint and stitch to create a pouch or used to customise clothing, decor etc.

I would like to offer these as kits, including all materials and design to make things easier for creatives out there to make these designs on their own!

So have a look below and let me know what you think, i will put more pictures as soon as the pouch is ready!

 Flowe and leaves pen and watercolour design

Here i started working on a flower and leaf pattern in my sketchbook, which was a creative exercise that lead to the next pattern below, creating a repeat black and nude pattern.

Black and ivory leaf pattern illustration

 I have then developed this further with different colours and texture, creating a two colour print, then using black to embroider the texture on the leaves. Do you like the yellow and green or would also like to see the colour way above for winter?

Textile print patterns hand painted

I decided to use three different texture styles for the inside of the leaves, one as an outline with running stitch, one with seed stitches and a third as a stem with a running stitch again, keeping it fairly simple..

Hand painted and embroidered leaf textile pattern

Next step, which am currently working on is  copying the outline of the leaf pattern into the pouch pattern to create a single pattern to be used in a kit...

Creating a pouch pattern

Will update this as soon as i have the pouch for you to see!!!

Hand painted leaves pattern

Hand painted autumn leaves textile pattern

Let me know in the comments below, what you think so far of the current design and if it's something you would like to make!

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