Friendship bracelet patterns easy
Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

How to make a friendship bracelet with this easy pattern

Make this Friendship bracelet with a simple pattern

& create elegant designs to match your winter wardrobe

Friendship bracelet patterns easy

The stripe friendship bracelet pattern is one that is very easy to make. In this tutorial i decided to  make them quite narrow in muted winter colours. They are great to wear together with other gold and ivory bracelets and they add a fun and elegant touch to your style. Let me know below if you found them as easy to make!

Materials that you need to make this friendship bracelet is:

embroidery floss in bronze/dusty pink & wine red

If you would like to also make the four colour version of the friendship bracelet you can add two more colours. Here i have used a light and dark gold and one strand of each.

You will also need some scissors and tape

Cut four pieces of the embroidery floss in 70cm each. Leave around 10 cm and make a knot. This part you will braid to tie the bracelet together.

You can watch all the steps of how to make the knots that create this easy friendship bracelet pattern, in the video tutorial below.

If you have any questions, comment below! If you like to try some of my other DIY projects head HERE for more inspiration!

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