hand embroidered sweater diy with wool
Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

Great ideas to hand embroider your sweater this winter

How to hand embroider and Up-cycle your sweater

I am a little obsessed with hand embroidery and have been wanting to hand embroider a sweater for so long!Have you been looking at all the beautiful and colourful tops, jumpers and dresses out there and wanted to try a new project just like me?

All you need is a little creativity (we all have it) and just about enough skill of holding a needle (and threading it). This sweater has been in my wardrobe and i haven’t worn it much to be honest, i think it was mostly the way it fits me, as green is one of my favourite colours.

I wanted to create something gorgeous and easy that you can all give a try and make at home. Using hand embroidery to create beautiful and colourful designs on clothes is something i love. Here i was inspired by colourful wool yarn i had at home and decided to use it on this green sweater.

My trend inspiration below:

hand embroidered sweater modern lines
oscar de la renta ehand embroidered sweater flowers
oscar de la renta embroidered hand embroidered sweater flowers full body
top shop hand embroidered sweater

Anyhow i wanted to see what i can make of it, as i quite dislike having things in my wardrobe that i don’t wear. I am always up for a creative challenge! So i picked some of my chunky yarn, i had lying in my basket (left overs from my weaving projects) and after looking at some images on Pinterest and my sketchbook i got started.
I have now made this jumper with a tutorial where you can see a step by step video. The first one below was also done freehand, as i added flowers where i felt it looked best!

green hand embroidered sweater by ginger muse
green hand embroidered sweater detail

When we Up-Cycle we use our Creativity while helping not to burden our Planet with more rubbish. Did you know fashion is the 2nd Industry responsible for pollution? So go ahead and stitch, sew, embroider and re-cycle what you already have

Don’t you think hand embroidery on clothes is so much fun? As i found it much easier, to show you all how things are done on video than in pictures, i have put together a full video tutorial on how to embroider and up-cycle your own sweater.  However this is a guideline and be free to use your imagination to play around with placement, colours and size.

The materials i used:

When you are done with your own design, you can email me your own version.

This is the end Result

hand embroidered sweater diy with wool
embroideredHand sweater diy with wool front

 You can watch the Full video Tutorial of the Hand Embroidered & Up-cycled Jumper here:
2.40 – Lazy Daisy Stitch
8.38 – Leaf Outline Backstitch
10.28 – Fishbone Stitch for filling leaves
10.34 – French Knots

Have fun and let me know what else you would like to make in the comments below! If you want to try more of my DIY’s don’t forget to check the other tutorials i have on my Blog!

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