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Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

Embroidery on Jeans: beautiful flowers to diy your wardrobe

Easy daisies embroidery on jeans

This week i am creating a follow up tutorial on how to add embroidery on your jeans. Remember those daisies you painted? If you haven’t you can catch up here. Now is time to add some texture by hand stitching on top. I chose to only stitch on a few as i find there is no point to paint if i am going to cover all of them. If you would like to embroider all over the pocket then i suggest you draw before for guidance, but don’t paint.


Perfect for those starting out with embroidery

This tutorial is great for beginners as you get to use only one hand embroidery stitch. However it doesn’t mean it is not effective! Combining the colours of the painting and the shine of the embroidery floss the result is very pretty.

For those that haven’t embroidered before you can start here.. Also for this project you don’t need an embroidery hoop.

One reason is that we are embroidering on a pocket and i prefer not to stitch the back of the trousers together with the pocket. The pocket conceals quite nicely the back knots and stitches. Also when you stitch on jeans the sturdiness of the fabric helps you embroider.

Deciding which colours to use is really up to you, here i have created my own colour palette which was inspired from some daisy pictures when i was creating my initial painting.


Below you will find my embroidery on jeans video where i share step by step, my method of stitching over the daisies.

I also talk about the supplies you will need and i am adding them below for reference.


You can also check my previous post where i share my process for painting daisies on jeans. If you would like to stay updated and get access to my Freebies Library Sign up to my Newsletter.

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