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Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

Paint on Jeans: adding pretty daisies for that 90’s trend

Painting daisies on jeans: the inspiration

Last week i posted an introduction to painting on clothing, so this week i wanted to create for you a project where i paint something pretty on a pair of jeans. I wanted the design to be on the pockets and to be subtle but still make a difference.

Being a 90’s gal, when the daisy print came back in fashion i had a flashback. For some reason i completely forgot of all the things i wore when i was a teenager, being honest i thought the 90’s were so boring at the time. So i was pretty surprised when all this came back in 2020.

However i just love how daisies look in a print and this was just an excuse to get inspired by the trend and create my own design.

I kept this painted floral design for jeans simple, so it easy for anyone to paint on their favourite or thrifted jeans.

Before jumping to the tutorial, here is for you some inspiration of different daisy prints.

daisies on jeans painting

Below you will find my painting on jeans video where i share step by step, my method of painting the daisies.

I also talk about the supplies you will need and i am adding them below for reference.


Other tools/materials you will need to have at hand:

  • paper towel (to wipe your brushes)
  • newspaper to place under the clothes you are painting
  • Water
  • Iron
Denim with daisies painted on pockets

You can also check my previous post where i share my process as an introduction to painting on clothing. If you would like to stay updated and get access to my Freebies Library Sign up to my Newsletter.

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