How to use Watercolour painting in your Embroidery Art

I have been meaning to take a video of my painting on fabric technique in a while now, it has been on my list, but as many other things it never got to the top of it! I really enjoy mixing different textile techniques and being able to incorporate painting into my art work and designs makes it even more enjoyable. Embroidery is very slow which means it takes a while to see the results, also every stitch can be planned and thought through the design.

Painting in watercolour on fabric has a freeing aspect to it, as every brush is different and there is something utterly soothing about mixing water and paint and seeing the colours blend together. If you wish to use painting into your textile art and embroidery work, here i have used fabric paint, so you have to remember to fix the colours before starting to stitch and working on your fabric. Most of these paints are fixed by ironing to the fabric. 

I start by stretching the fabric really well, also it's best that your fabric is washed before using so the paint can be absorbed well. By stretching it well the colours will run through and blend together. First step is to add water in the areas you want to add colour, so if you want to leave some white area put blobs of water scattered around. If you are working on a big hoop then do section by section as the water will dry out if you try to work on the whole hoop at once. When you have added water you start with the first colour, also adding some water where you want to dilute it, moving to the second and third colour as shown in the video. Depending how much you want the colours to blend you can add more water as you go or at the end.

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  • Thank you so much for doing this. I came across a link on PInterest while scouring for embroidery ideas. You don’t know how much this means to somebody who only does embroidery. I will definitely be trying this, probably on some flowers. :)


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