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Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

How to make a hand embroidered heart patch

Heart embroidered patch

Learn how to make your own hand embroidered heart patch. Just in time for Valentines, or for any time of the year actually, i have added a video tutorial. You can use this technique on many other embroidered patch designs too.

You can use a hoop or stitch without it, embroidering with felt on small pieces is quite easy even without a hoop. When you are finished add another layer of felt at the back with glue and use it on any item you like.


Split stitch

Back stitch

French knots



free hand embroidered orange heart patch pattern
heart patches on backbag

I love hand embroidered patches, i mean what’s not to love right? They look so cute and they are easy to use on anything you like: jackets, trousers, backpacks..just use your imagination.


They can also be personalised and great for gifting. When you get your hands on a hand embroidered patch the machine embroidered patches won’t cut it. When i make mine, and if they are for a present, i enjoy the slow stitching while i think about gifting this and how special it will be.


You can use this techniques and stitches to create your own designs too. Draw a design with an outline and transfer onto felt, then start stitching.

hand embroidered heart patch

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