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Embroidery Workshops

Learn creative embroidery

Modern hand embroidery workshops can be fun and inspiring. Embroidery is used in many different ways: from wall art to up-cycling clothes, you can create beautiful designs with texture and colour. Join our live online workshops and get to be creative and inspired in unique ways. We come together to stitch, talk and have fun!

What past students say

Thalia is a very friendly, creative and skilled person. She loves teaching and she created a really nice atmosphere during this 3h embroidery workshop. We took this class as part of our company team event and everyone loved it! Thank you for sharing your skills with us! It was such a relaxing and meditative experienced. The workshop could last forever!
Nov 2019
For those looking to embroider, I really recommend Thalia's workshop! I learnt a lot and found the workshop really relaxing. Time really did fly and it felt so good to create. Thanks, Thalia for sharing your skillset!
Jillian Meyer
Dec 2019
Yesterday I totally lost the track of time. It was a truly quality time on this rainy Sunday. Thank you, Thalia, for the patience and for the really nice vibe. Cool workshop!
Ula Krowicka
Dec 2019

Learning online can be fun too!

Being stuck at home shouldn’t be boring. All you need is a few materials and an internet connection. Embroidery is a meditative craft that will help you relax and be creative in new ways. I teach different embroidery stitches and techniques and give you the base to create what you like.

Join a community

Come together, chat, drink coffee and create together. My workshops are a great way to meet new people and share stories while stitching.

Create at home

Being home should not limit the things we do. It is convenient and saves time traveling too! Get cosy and join in to stitch along with other creatives.

Reduce stress

Embroidery helps you slow down, focus on the joy of stitching. You will be immersed in trying new techniques and experimenting with colour and designs.

Upcoming Workshops

What do you need to take part in the embroidery workshops?

After booking you will receive a list of materials you will need from me. You can buy this online or from your local craft shop. I will share with you a stitch library that we will learn in the duration of the workshops.

All online workshops are through Zoom, so you will need to download this in advance. You will then receive a link to join on the day of the workshop.

Student's embroidery work