Modern Embroidery Workshop - Live Online JAN 2021


Modern Embroidery Workshop - Live Online JAN 2021

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Modern Embroidery Workshop Live Online!
13th February, Saturday 19:00-21:30 (CMT+1, Berlin time, EST 13:00-15:30)

Whether you’re new to Textile Arts or a seasoned pro this workshop will be lots of fun! We will be making a Textile Art piece using different embroidery techniques. You will be  draw and create as you wish, using yarn you can buy or that you have at home.
If you have taken my first Beginners Embroidery Workshop this can be a great second one, however, it is also possible to participate without any prior knowledge of embroidery. It is also possible to use fabric paint together with stitching ( best on white/cream fabric), you will need to allow some time for drying.

I will answer any questions you have and advice on any embroidery design you will want to try. As this Workshop will be online you will need to provide the materials yourself. This is not a full-on technical embroidery workshop, but you will be shown a few different stitches you can use to successfully create beautiful designs.

Upon booking of the workshop you will receive a list with suggestions of where to buy the materials (Berlin or online). I will also provide with a digital pdf of different stitches we will be using. You will need to pick a non-stretch clothing piece, ideally of light/medium weight in cotton or linen.

What you will need:
Wooden Embroidery Hoop
Needle & Embroidery Floss in different colours
Needle & knitting yarn(wool for example)
Cotton Fabric in white or cream (non-stretch)
Pencil or fabric pen to draw/transfer a design from paper
Fabric paint and brushes (optional)

This modern embroidery online workshop is for you to be inspired and create as you go, it can be a way to let go, relax and be in the moment!

You will receive a link to Google meet before the start of the workshop.

*This is an online workshop and no physical materials will be sent to you.


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