up-cycled fashion clothing embroidery workshop berlin
up-cycled fashion clothing embroidery workshop berlin

Up-Cycled Fashion Embroidery Workshop Berlin

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Up-Cycled Fashion  Embroidery Workshop 

Another fun Embroidery Workshop in Berlin for those that are looking to update their wardrobe and interested in living creatively sustainably! Up-Cycling you old but loved clothes is a great way to extend their life cycle.
Whether you're new to Embroidery or a seasoned pro this workshop will be lots of fun! Coffee and tea will be provided. We will be stitching on an item of clothing you will bring with you, ideally on a shirt, skirt or light jeans. You will have options of different designs to stitch on as flowers, evil eye and geometric shapes.
If you have been looking to learn how to make your own beautiful embroidered clothing then this workshop it's a great start. This is not a full on technical embroidery workshop but i will show few different stitches you can use to successfully create beautiful designs.. I will answer any questions you have and advice on any embroidery design you will want to try after the workshop. All supplies are included with your class fee. 
Workshop Cost: 60€ - 3 hours
What is included
Wooden Embroidery Hoop
Needle & Embroidery Floss in different colours for you to choose
Design Library for Inspiration
Free coffee and tea