textile weaving for beginners
Thalia Botsari
Thalia Botsari

How to start textile weaving for beginners

Beautiful textile weaving tapestry at home

I know many of you would love to have a go and try textile weaving, so i have decided to put together a little step by step Introduction for beginners. In this tutorial you will learn how to set the weaving frame -or- tapestry frame and in few easy steps, how to start weaving those beautiful yarns to create your own textile tapestry.

There are many frames out there and ways to warp them ( warp is the yarn that goes parallel and allows for the second yarn to be woven through). It is possible to use ones with a groove like the one below, with fixed nails or with a thick frame to allow wrapping on both sides. Read the steps just below the images. Enjoy!

textile weaving tutorial part one

Getting everything set

  • First you need to take your wrap yarn (this one has to be a high twist yarn so its nice and sturdy) and make a double knot on the bottom left of the frame.
  • Pull the yarn very very tight every time you go through the groove so it doesn’t move. Wrap up then down until you reach the end.
  • Secure the end by tying couple times around the frame then make a double knot. Your frame is ready.
  • Before starting to weave you need a braid that keeps your weaving from moving, this is called soumak. Start by making a knot on the first yarn, while you hold the second and pass it over and under, continue in the same way until the end.


textile weaving tutorial part two

Starting to weave your textile tapestry

  • When you reach the end you will turn back by doing the reverse. Hold the next yarn to your left go over then under. Here you will see a braid starting to take shape. When you are finished you will leave the weaving yarn on the inside.
  • Now you are ready to weave! Make sure to cut enough yarn to weave the number of rows needed. This can be calculated by measuring the width of the frame and adding a little more for every line.
  • Here pass the yarn on the inside of the first wrap then over the second. Then under the third and over the fourth. Continue like this until the end of the line. When you reach the end you will pass under the ‘filled’ gaps and over the ’empty’ ones, as shown in the picture top right.
  • Keep weaving with as many rows as you like then switch to a different yarn when you reach the end of a line. Experiment with colours and texture. The weaving should be straight on the edges so remember not to pull too tightly. It is also important to push your rows of yarn down to pack them well together (you can use a comb or a fork!).

Let me know what you would like to learn in the comments below. You can Subscribe at my YouTube Channel and try some of my other DIY Projects.

Below there is a little video of me weaving on a tapestry frame.

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